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I like the way you're everything I've ever wanted

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Jump Then Fall Chapter 7: Crazier

Title: Jump Then Fall
Chapter: 7/10
Pairing: Taylor/Selena, Selena/Demi
Rating: T
Summary: She's always been the one there for her.
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone.

You lift my feet off the ground

You spin me around

You make me crazier, crazier

Feels like I’m falling, and I’m lost in your eyes

You make me crazier, crazier

/ / /

        The moment I stepped inside my apartment Selena was already on her way up. She held a bag full of movies and various junk foods, ready to be scarffed down as we cry our eyes out at sappy love movies.

“How you holding up?” I asked her once she popped in the first movie and the bowl of popcorn was placed in her lap.

“Better now that I’m with you.” She said as she curled up into my arm. For once I was glad I had messy curls for hair, because they affectively hid the blush that made its way onto my cheeks.

“That’s good.” She managed a “mhm” before the beginning credits rolled onto the screen.

                She shifted her head some so it would rest more comfortably on my shoulder. I looked down at her and found a stray piece of hair that fell in her face. I tried to hide the smile that wanted to spread across my cheeks. She made a few attempts of blowing it back into place, but it was in vein. I slightly chuckled before reaching over and gently tucking it behind her ear.

“Thanks.” She mumbled, but I could’ve sworn I heard a smile in her voice.

“No problem.”

/ / /

                Somewhere between Noah and Allie’s first date and the montage of their kisses, Selena had slid her hand into mine and intertwined our fingers. I didn’t bother trying to suppress a smile this time; instead I let it light up my entire face.

“They’re so adorable together.” I looked down at her and found a huge smile adoring her face.

“Yeah they are.” I said without looking away from her.

/ / /

                Hot tears slid down my arm when she turned her face away from the screen to bury it in my arm. It was sad that Allie doesn’t remember Noah at all, but it was even sadder watching this beautiful young woman crying on my arm. My heart nearly broke at the sight, but the ending picture of Noah and Allie having one final moment together brought a smile to my Selena’s face. Wait…my? When did she become mine?

“That was a good movie.” She said as she brushed any remaining tears away before turning to look at me.

“Yeah it was.” She stretched her hands above head and gave a big stretch, causing her shirt to lift and expose her flat stomach. I quickly averted my eyes when I found myself staring.

“See something you like.” Obviously not quick enough.

“Oh yeah, I find you so sexy it’s hard to resist.” I tried to play it off, but she seemed to go along with it, cause now she’s on her hands and knees staring at me with a face so sexy looking I’m having a hard time hiding how turned on she’s making me.

“Who says you have to resist?” she’s closing in on me, and I think I’ve stopped breathing.

“Wo-wouldn’t want to…to…” I’m not even sure what I’m saying anymore because she’s now got me laying on my back with her body hovering over mine. My eyes kept glancing between her pink plump lips, and her seductive deep brown eyes.

“Maybe I should be put in my place?” I could only nod when I found her lips only inches away from my own.

“Of maybe I should put you in your place?” I only nodded again as she flirted dangerously close to m lips.

                Her eyes slid halfway closed as she slowly lowered herself down. As soon as her hips touched mine my hands flew to them and my eyes matched hers.

“Taylor…” I only nodded again, waiting, anticipating, her lips finding mine.

                But then in a quick flash we were off each other when my phone began ringing loudly from the top of my dresser.

“Sorry.” I mumbled as I checked the text message I just received from Miley.

‘Demi’s about to call Selena.’ It read, and as if it was timed, Selena’s phone began ringing.

                She glanced at me and I nodded, giving her the ok to answer it.


“Hey Demi.” Her eyes met mine, and I’m not sure what mine reflected but she had a slight look of fear in hers.

“I’m at Taylor’s.”

“Yeah we can hang out tomorrow.”

“Ok, bye.” She hit the end button a few times before setting her phone on my stand and sitting back down next to me.

“What did she want?” she shrugged while playing with the chipping nail polish that covered her nails.

“Talk.” I nodded and an uncomfortable silence fell over us. But with a clap of her hands, another smile crossed her face, causing my won smile to emerge.

“Ready for another movie?”

/ / /

                I woke up the next morning and found that I was cuddled up to Selena from behind. I tried to move my arm but I found something holding it in place. I peered over her shoulder and found her holding onto my arm and cuddling into it. I relaxed and hugged her tighter before falling back asleep.

/ / /

                The next time I woke up, I found that she was already awake and watching me with half awake eyes and my arm still draped across her.

“Morning.” She says in a hoarse voice still full of sleep. It causes me to smile, cause I never thought I’d say I like the way she sounds in the morning.

“Morning. How long have you been awake?” she shrugs, making my arm move down slightly, but enough to make me aware that I still have my arm around her.

“Sorry.” I move to pull it back, but she catches it and places it back on her side.

“You’re warm.” She simply says, but it makes my stomach erupt in a field of butterflies.

/ / /

                “So you almost kissed?” I could only nod, a wide smile playing across my face.

“Sounds great.”

“It was.” Miley giggled as I fell backwards onto her bed.

“You look like you’re on air.” I nodded, still lost in her deep chocolate eyes that were so seductive and sexy looking.

“She’s got the keys to you and she’s driving you down the road of love.”

“She’s everything I’ve ever wanted.”

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Aw, all that tension? Cute and sexy.

dam. so close to a kiss. i really love this story.


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