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I like the way you're everything I've ever wanted

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Title: Practicing
Pairing: Brittany/Rachel
Author: demselfan
Summary: Brittany is practicing for Rachel
Disclaimer: I don't own the glee characters, but I own Alex.
Rating: PG
A/N: Brittany has an identical twin, but still older, sister Alex.

        Alex has seen a lot of weird things in her house. Most of which at the hand of her sister Brittany, and what wasn’t at the fault of her, was at the fault of herself. Like the time when Brittany tried to make smoothies and forgot that she had to put the lid on before turning it on. Alex came back inside from riding her dirt bike to find pink goop dripping from the ceiling with Brittany’s head craned back, and mouth open, while trying to catch what was left of the smoothie. Or the time when their toaster broke so she couldn’t warm up her pop tart, so she just put it in the microwave, plastic and all. The second it got hot a zap of electricity jumped around the microwave before it gave a slight jump and then completely shut off. That was weird cause she didn’t know microwaves could jump, but this one did. Or the time when her and Brittany decided to try a smoking pop bottle that their neighbor gave to them. He said that it would make them feel good and all they had to do was sucked the air in and hold it for as long as they could, and if their throats began to burn, that it was ok because they usually do. Well after trying the bottle for a while things began to seem really…different. Everything seemed so much lighter to them, and they found if they walked to fast that the world would actually spin around them. But one of the weirder things she’s experienced since moving in with her mom and sister was the day she came back from another ride around the dirt path.

        She dropped her dirty clothes off at the laundry room before heading up to her bedroom. But as she was passing her sister’s room she found her sister hugging her body pillow close to her. And while this wouldn’t have been any weirder than her sleeping with her teddy bear if the pillow didn’t have a name written on top of tape going all along the pillow. She poked her head into her sister’s room and observed the cuddling.

        Brittany had an arm underneath the pillow with her head resting on one corner, and her other arm draped across the middle. She could see the name Rachel, written in her sister’s hand writing, on the pillow now.

“Brittany what are you doing?” She asked her, after watching her for some time. The blonde lifted her head to look up at her, and said in the most serious voice

“Practicing.” At first Alex didn’t really get what she was talking about, but after piecing together the name on the pillow, and the way she was holding it, she came to conclude that she was practicing for Rachel.

“Practicing what?” She sat up and left her pillow there.

“Cuddling, what else would I be doing?”

“Haven’t you cuddled before?”

“Of course not, Santana hates it, cause it’s a sign that someone’s attached, and she doesn’t want to get attached.” Alex simply nodded at her before walking to her doorway.

“I…keep up the good work.” She gave a small salute to her, to which Brittany returned with a big smile.

                Yes she knew her sister was weird, but hey so is she. Must be a Morgan trait or something.

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"Yes she knew her sister was weird"

to much pot? or is brittany just awesome?

brittany's just awesome :]
and amazingly adorable sometimes, scratch that, all the time

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